How to set up IMAP for iinet on your iPad or iPhone.

Ok, now you’ve set up your Mac with IMAP (for those of you with iinet or Westnet) heres how to set up your email accounts on your iPad or iPhone to use IMAP instead of POP.

Why bother?, well quite simply, so if you read an email on your mobile devices, it’s automatically marked as having been read on all your Macs, iPhones or iPads.

It didn’t really matter a few years ago when everyone just had one computer, but now with multiple devices, it’s a real pain to see you’ve got 900 emails unread on your iPad or iPhone, when you know you’ve read them on your Mac.

(note – Westnet readers, just replace instead of )

Make sure you have your username, your email address and your password handy( you can always look in your Mac’s email settings)

1. Go to Settings – Mail, Contacts Calendars


2. If you need to delete the old POP account select it under accounts and then press “Delete Account”

3. Press the “Add Account” menu option under Accounts to set up you new IMAP account.

Choose “Other ”


4. Enter in your Name, your email, AN INCORRECT PASSWORD, and a description for the account.

Then click “Next”


5. Then you have the option to set up for IMAP or POP, select IMAP.



For Incoming Mail Server:

Host Name –

Your full email address

and this time enter your CORRECT PASSWORD

For Outgoing Mail Server

Host Name –

Leave user name and password blank;

Press Next


6. Test the email inbox & outbox by sending yourself an email.


🙂  done.

XBMC and Mac formatted hard drives – HFS+ Journaled (updated)


I’ve been playing around with a Linux based XBMC installation a bit lately on our little Apple TV 1st generation.

For the last 12 months I have had our little ATV “Jailbroken” running both the original Apple TV system (OSX 10.4) and the excellent XBMC media player (with a “Crystal HD” graphics card that I installed into the Wifi card slot) which transforms the functionality of this little silver box. (the best of both worlds ).

Last week the ATV started playing up, I originally thought the hard drive must have been on the way out as even to play home movies that were synced to the internal hard drive, was slow and choppy. I tried reformatting it back to factory settings.. to no avail. It turned out to be an Apple problem at headquarters that has subsequently been fixed.

So, thinking the ATV system was unfixable I decided to bite the bullet and install OpenElec (Linux) running XBMC and the speed increase while watching movies on XBMC was incredible. No more occasional pauses and audio dropouts. It feels like I’ve given the little ATV a new lease on life. Google how to do it, it’s pretty easy.

I’ll still probably end up buying a new Apple TV4 one day as I like to rent movies and have all our photos from iPhoto, music from iTunes & home movies ready to show friends and family on the TV.

The only problem which has caused me much frustration and headaches until today was that I couldn’t write (drag & drop files on my network, or download subtitles for movies) onto the Mac formatted hard drive connected via USB to the ATV (which is HFS+ Journaled ) After doing some research.

It turned out to be an easy fix,

(I read on the XBMC forums that it’s a problem that is known to happen with Mac formatted HFS+ Journaled drives.)

The Fix… wipe it and re-format the drive as “ExFAT”.

1. So I saved the files on the USB drive temporarily to another USB drive.

2. Open Disk Utility (located in Applications/Utilities) and;

3. Select the upper level volume to reformat (the one with the size of it – e.g. 1TB Hitachi)  and;

4. Click the “Erase” tab up the top of the Disk utility window and;

5. Then change the format to “ExFAT” and click erase.

6. Now put all your files back on the USB drive and enjoy no more read & write problems with XBMC.


Get iMessage on the iPad working properly

I spent ages and much frustration trying to get iMessage working properly on my iPad.It just wouldn’t send or receive messages with other iPhones & iPads on iOS5 like it was supposed to.

I finally worked out a simple solution thanks to someone on the Apple discussions pages.

Just go into Settings – Wifi

– click on the blue arrow on the network you are connected to and then change dns to

That’s it!

Now I get the same iMessages coming through on both my iPhone & iPad.

Now when will Apple release iMessage to replace iChat on the Mac?

The awesome Mac Pro Quad Core

apple-mac-pro4Those of you that have been reading the post on silencing a Powermac G4 Mirror Drive Door (MDD) will be pleased to know that the old girl is still going strong as I sold my MDD to a mate( it’s now used as the recording workstation for our band- The Single Fins). I then bought from a mac reseller in Melbourne Victoria, Australia, a second hand Powermac Dual G5 2.5 tower for $Au 999.

From day one I had numerous crashes & startup problems with it, not the least being the fans went at full speed and didnt shut up! I spent countless hours reinstalling it, unplugging RAM, doing all sorts of diagnostics to it, but no joy. After  the first repair in which they calibrated the fans( after 2 tries), It worked Ok for a week or so, then started crashing & not starting up properly. In fact some times I had to hard restart it from between 3 times up to 12 times, just to get to the desktop.

After the second  repair( and 3 more weeks in the shop), they replaced the new logic board , 2 new processors (one was DOA), tried new video cards etc etc.. Apple couldnt fix it so they decided to replace it with a brand new 2.66 Quad Core Mac Pro.

No more sleep issues, crashes etc…This thing is sooooo quick and incredibly silent.

suffice to say… I’m one happy camper.

Sony Playstation 3


I have just spent the last few weeks playing with my latest toys, a brand new PS3 and a Sharp 32″ HD LCD TV. I got the PS3 on ebay for Aus$780 so I could afford a few games as well as a second wireless controller. The clarity is simply amazing, a big step up from the old PS2. It has to be seen to be believed. It’s also great having the wireless controllers… no more untangling wires! I was able to connect to my Dlink wireless router after a bit of configuration ( it’s not as easy as connecting a mac to a wireless network, no where near it in fact), but after entering all my DNS addresses manually It connected and hasnt dropped out since.

You can get onto the Playstation store and download several demo games, a free Gran Turismo HD preview which is great, and I also bought Tekken 5 for $16 there. They then sent me a copy of Casino Royalle on Blue ray disc which is simply amazing in it’s clarity. Everything glistens and it’s just so crisp with beautiful colours. The Motorstorm demo is awesome and a great one to chuck on to show people the power of this thing. I bought NBA 2K7 which is a trully great basketball game with amazing graphics. It’s like watching the real thing, you can even see the sweat running down the players arms. I also bought Tony Hawkes 8 which is OK, Fight Night 3 which is a good one for a group of blokes having a few beers and a laugh at halftime during the football.

The best game I have though is Resistence Fall of Man. This game is just incredible, a great fluid feel to the movement, some really scary aliens to shoot and the sort of attention to detail that never ceases to amaze. I’m only a quarter of the way through it, but it’s awesome! Easily the best game I have ever played. I hear that they’ve only just begun to touch the surface with the current games when it comes to the power of this PS3 games machine. All I can say is bring it on.

Backup, backup, backup…

You know I’ve always thought that some people were a bit obsessed with making back up copies of everything on their computer. I suppose after having apple macs for many years that don’t crash or get viruses lulls you into a false sense of security. That was until last month when my main hard drive stuffed up and was unreadable.

I noticed a few strange things going on with the computer like high pitched noises and it was a bit slow etc. So I decided to do a disk utility ” Repair disk” by starting up from my original OSX 10.4 Installation disc to see if that would fix it. Bad move…

The hard drive must have been on the verge of crashing because it got through about 3 quarters of the way & then stopped with the alert ” Drive reported error: Sense key = Hardware error. Internal target failure”

When I tried to restart the G4, it wouldn’t get past the grey apple logo… Oh oh… So next I thought I would go get a new 160GB hard drive & install a nice new OSX installation onto it. That worked & I was back up & running, but it looked like I had lost all my data on the old main hard drive as it was unreadable. So I tried good old trusty Disc Warrior, which thankfully, was able to scan & read the broken hard disk and I was able to drag & drop my old user account onto the new hard drive.

I ended up losing nothing, but for a while there I thought all our photo’s, music, movies, bookmarks, emails etc were gone. Like a lot of things in life, you don’t realise how important they are to you until you think they’re gone for good.

So the moral to the story is if you have anything you can’t afford to lose on your computer, backup regularly… cause it can be all gone at any moment.